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Of the seven categories of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria, which is least relevant to an operations manager?

Which category of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award examines how the organization fulfills its ethical, legal, and societal responsibilities, and supports its key communities?

Airline revenue per passenger mile and hotel revenue per full-time employee are examples of

Employee satisfaction and other workforce-related measures fall into which perspective in the Balanced Scorecard?

Which of the following would be a typical operational-level quality performance measure?

In choosing performance measures, an organization might consider all of the following criteria except

Interlinking is the quantitative modeling of cause-and-effect relationships between

Value chain measures would generally be less valuable to

At a basic level, quality should be measured in three areas.  Which of the following is not one of those areas?

Dell's ability to provide a wide range of customized computer hardware to accommodate customers' needs best describes

The ability to respond quickly to changes in the amount and type of demand is called

Productivity is the

Customer satisfaction rating increases as time-on-hold waiting decreases is an example of

When Bill Gates stated that "Microsoft is always two years away from failure," he was emphasizing the importance of

Of the four models of organizational performance, which two focus on the "big picture" of organizational performance rather than on operational-level framework?

Families of goods or services having similar characteristics or methods of creation are called

With regard to the three types of attributes customers use in evaluating the quality of goods and services, a vacation would best be classified as high in

A firm's ability to achieve market and financial superiority over its competitors is called

Operations design choices include all of the following except

Professor Terry Hill has presented a four-loop framework for operations strategy through an iterative and integrated process.  The initial loop is

Which of the following does not describe how customers evaluate services in a manner that differs from the way they evaluate goods?

Requirements that are expected in a good or service are called

Goods and service features that differentiate one customer benefit package from another are called

In an automobile, which of the following would not be considered an order winner?

With regard to the three types of customer attributes in evaluating the quality of goods and services, those associated with the features of a new laptop computer such as processor speed and hard disk capacity would best be classified as

The ____ of a firm defines the strengths that are unique to that organization.

The text uses McDonald's to exemplify Professor Terry Hill's Generic Strategy Framework. The operating design choices of resource scheduling, inventory placement and control and standardized operational and job procedures relate best to the corporate objective of

____ attributes are most likely to be experienced by the customer when using estate planning services.

Which of the following is not generally considered a competitive priority?


With regard to the three types of customer attributes in evaluating the quality of goods and services, those associated with having a meal in a restaurant such as taste of the food and courtesy of the server would best be classified as

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