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Discussion 1

"Models of Organizational Performance" Please respond to the following:

·         Choose two models of organizational performance and compare and contrast them by evaluating their differences and similarities.

·         From the first e-Activity, suggest ways performance measurements might be used by a company or an organization to evaluate its customer satisfaction. 


·         From the second e-Activity, provide at least two examples of quality indicators that the company may opt to measure and defend its cause-and-effect linkage between the key measures of performance.

Discussion 2


"Operations Strategy" Please respond to the following:

·         Choose two service companies that you are familiar with such as Facebook, eBay, and UPS, and apply them to Hill’s Strategy Development Framework. Note: Refer to Chapter 4 of the text for information on Hill’s Strategy Development Framework.


·         For each company you chose in Part 1 of this discussion, compare and contrast each sector of the framework and determine which key area(s) provides a competitive advantage. Provide at least two examples to support your position. 

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