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BUS 599 Assignment #5 Corporate Culture Leadership Actions for Strategy Implementation - Southwest Airlines (Case 23c-401)

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Southwest Airlines (Case23/c-401)


Southwest Airlines has still managed to maintain its corporate culture introduced in 1971 because of the hardships and anger created by the unfair tactics that were used by its big competitors for destroying the company at its inception. The business model used by the company is simple but depends highly on the performance of its human resources as well as the organizational culture that cannot be easily achieved or sustained by its competitors. Since 30 years, constant growth has been achieved. However, the managers are not simply obsessed with gaining a high market share or becoming the largest. Southwest Airlines follow a Business Strategy which does not compete with other airlines but with the surface transportation. It is a no-frill, low-cost airline.

Southwest airlines have cultural characteristics which creates a safe and happy workplace. They put their employees first than the customers or shareholders. The company makes the workplace very comfortable and its people important. The work environment which is being offered is stable as well as based on personal growth. Such an environment has helped in creating loyalty, caring attitude and respect in employees. Hence, the environment is people oriented and the organization has very informal egalitarian. The corporate culture is such that social relation is created between all the company’s employees at every level. Other motivating or encouraging social events are also being used. The corporate culture does not permit punishing or judging employees in their accommodation of the customers.

The company follows a low-cost strategy, which is the source of its competitive advantage. Although no frills are offered, but customer expectations are met in terms of the service that is provided. The cor