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BUS 433 Week 5


Final Paper

Imagine that you are the entrepreneur who has created a successful new 
venture. The venture is posed to expand domestically and internationally. In a 
6-8 page paper, excluding title and reference pages, address the following:


      1. Identify what strategic leadership skills are needed for your 
entrepreneurial venture to take it to the next growth level. How will you 

          evaluate the leaders in your venture to determine if they have the 
strategic leadership skills needed?
      2. In planning to take the 
entrepreneurial venture to another country, identify the challenges/problems the 
venture may face. What 
          guidelines will you provide for managers to 
deal with the challenges/problems?
      3. What is the current level of 
entrepreneurial activities in the United States? Overall, is the climate for 
entrepreneurship improving or 
          worsening? Your evaluation will 
determine whether strategic moves will be made to expand the venture 
      4. As you work on your strategic plan for expansion, what 
kind of expansion model will you use: internal venturing, acquisitions, 

          mergers, etc? What were the circumstances that influenced your 


Be sure to use at least five resources, three from ProQuest.  

Writing the Final Paper
The Final 


  • Must be six to eight double-spaced pages in length and formatted according 
    to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.
  • Must include a cover page that includes:
    - Title of paper
    - Student’s 
    - Course name and number
    - Instructor’s name
    - Date submitted
  • Must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement.
  • Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
  • Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
  • Must use at least five resources, including three from 
  • Must use APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide to document 
    all sources.
  • Must include, on the final page, a Reference Page that is completed 
    according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.



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