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An important part of quality assurance is determining customer needs and identifying ways to meet those needs. In this discussion, you will discuss methods of identifying customer needs.

To participate in this discussion, read the following scenario and answer the questions provided:

KCT, a well-known cosmetics company, has decided to launch a skin care product. It intends to develop this new product based on customer feedback on its existing two products, a night cream and a hand cream. It plans to use a controlled population and data collection process to gather customer feedback about each product. The data collection will happen on a continual one-month basis.

Based on Scholtes’s six-step strategy, answer the following:

  • Suggest at least three methods you could use to gather customer feedback.
  • Based on the customer feedback, how would you identify the important conclusions?
  • How would you check the validity of your conclusions?
  • What type of action would be necessary to implement and validate the conclusions?


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