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Implementing a quality culture leads to various changes in an organization. However, there often is strong resistance to any organizational change. Employees do not like to change their specific and routine duties that make them feel comfortable in the work environment. An important aspect of implementing a quality culture is to counter this resistance and work in a collaborative manner. In this discussion, you will focus on quality culture and resistance to change.

To participate in this discussion, answer the following:

  • How can management avoid resistance when implementing new processes? Explain.
  • Apart from management, what steps could employees take to make the transition from old processes to new processes less threatening to the work environment?
  • From your personal experience, provide an example where your actions led to either a positive or a negative change in an organizational culture. What were the outcomes of this change?

·         Management can avoid resistance to change when implementing new processes by understanding that resistance to change is inevitable and cannot be avoided.  The best and most efficient way to deal with resistance is communication, communicating what is taking place and the various changes that will take place makes everyone feel involved and appreciated (Oskaloosa- Walton, Goetsch; 2012).

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