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Assignment 3: Final Project Part II

Developing Partnerships for Quality

It is important to understand the concept of quality culture and the parameters for planning quality culture strategies. In addition, it is important to identify ways of incorporating the quality culture strategies in the complete quality plan for an organization. In this part of the project, you will define the culture of quality and analyze how this will fit into the quality plan.

In Week 1, you selected a company and a product to be analyzed in your project. You have also performed SWOT analysis, developed mission and vision statements, and selected an appropriate quality focus method. In this part of the project, you will build on what you have done in the previous week and perform the following tasks:

  • Create a plan for developing a quality culture. Your plan should address the following aspects of a quality culture:
    • Operating philosophy
    • Objectives
    • Management approach
    • Attitude toward customers
    • Problem-solving approach
    • Supplier relationships
    • Performance improvement approach
  • Explain how planning for a quality culture for your chosen company involves strategic planning, partnering, and strategic alliances.
  • Based on your SWOT analysis and the plan for developing a quality culture, recommend some potential alliances and partnerships with suppliers, customers, and internal groups.
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