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Assignment 4: Final Project Part I

Project Launch and SWOT

The final project is based on identifying, analyzing, and implementing quality assurance measures for a particular company and a product. You are free to choose your preferred company and a product you can use for your project. For this purpose, you will select a company and a product combination in this part of the project. In addition, you will do SWOT analysis and determine the quality focus you would use for your quality assurance plan. You will also develop the vision and mission statements, guiding principles, and strategic goals for your chosen company and product.

To complete this part of the project, perform the following sequence of tasks:

  • Use the Internet and other reference materials to select a company and a product for your final project. While selecting a company and a product, consider the following factors:
    • Do the company and the product have sufficient detail for you to apply the various quality assurance concepts you will learn during the course?
    • Do the company and the product have scope of improvements and plenty of competition? Why or why not?

Examples of a company and a product may be a computer supply store, and a product may be a computer. You can also consider high-end automobiles or consumer electronics goods.

  • Provide a brief description of the company and the product you have selected.
  • Discuss why quality assurance is important for the company and the product.
  • Perform SWOT analysis using the template provided: Sample Template
  • Develop mission and vision statements.
  • Select a quality focus method, such as Six Sigma or the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle, for the project and discuss how this method may be used to evaluate the product.


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