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BUS 402 WEEK 5 DISCUSSION "Bootstrap Marketing and Advertising" Please respond to the following: • Using the Internet or Strayer databases, find three (3) examples of bootstrap marketing strategies. Next, develop a bootstrap marketing idea that will help promote a small business at a minimal expense. Be creative and thorough in developing the idea for this implementation. • Assume you have an advertising budget of $1,500 to invest in a campaign promoting an upcoming “sale” or special event for your business. Your target customers are 25- to 45-year-old individuals with higher-than-average disposable income. Explain where you would invest your advertising budget and how you would generate free publicity to extend your advertising budget. NOTE: MORE THAN ONE ANSWER POSTED CHOOSE ANY
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Bootstrap marketing helps to promote a business at a low cost that may not have many marketing experts on staff. A few bootstrap marketing strategies are: passing out business cards, advertise via social media, do a giveaway. All of these are low-cost and do not require the company to use advanced technology to see results.    

My bootstrap marketing ideas that would help promote a small business at a low-cost would be for them to partner with another company to sponsor an event. For instance, if their local community has a need for someone to bring attention to a local animal shelter that is over capacity, they could co-sponsor an adoption event. This would not only be helping their local community but also help people see they care for their company and most importantly get their name out there. To increase their engagement during this event, they could wear marketing merchandise such as shirts, hats and bags that have their company's logo and/or mission statement on it. This would allow those attending the event to see who is participating and hopefully conversations can be started about what the company does and what they have to offer. The only cost that will take place during this whole event is the cost to purchase the wearable merchandise, even though this is something that most companies usually invest in from the start.

If I was given an advertising budget of $1,500 to invest in a campaign that promotes an upcoming sale I would look at the age range in which we are attempting to target and dive into where the advertising can be best placed. For the target age r