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Business Strategy of a Coffee Shop



Business Strategy

The business that has been selected is a coffee shop. It has been basically started in an area where most of the people like to take coffee early morning to refresh their mood for office work. The plan of coffee shop business is an interesting business strategy to increase and show the working capability of a new management system in a challenging market. It is considered that business strategy needs very tactful decision while entering in the market because of various tough competitions (Longenecker, Petty, Palich & Hoy, 2011). In this concern, coffee shop is also a challenging business to run and improve profits and growth effectively and efficiently. Therefore, following are some aspects that can be discussed strategically in this paper for the choosing business.  

An Expected Financial Plan Outline for a Coffee Shop Business  

The financial plan of the coffee shop is important to analyze the cost and profits in future. So, it can be considered as below.

Start-Up Budget: The start-up budget of the coffee shop business can be estimated as $209,810 that can be cut off into single off costs of $187,300. The monthly expenses in advance would be at least $22,510 in terms of miscellaneous expenses. Further, the goodwill value would be $120,000 and plant and equipment of $ 50,000. For more detail, it can be described as below.

Start-up Budget

Monthly Expenses

Projected Monthly Expenses

Cash Needed to Start

% of Total

Salary of Owner/manager

All other salaries and wages


Advertising and Promotion

Suppliers (Stock-in-trade)


Electricity, gas etc.




Legal and Professional costs