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BUS 368 week 5 New Venture Financial Plan with Example (Dinner Theater)


Develop a financing plan to raise capital for a new venture. The 8 to 10 page paper should cover major course concepts. How will the money be used? What is the past performance of the organization that you are either raising funds for or want to acquire? What type of pro forma projections can you use to increase the credibility of your borrowing capacity? Prepare cash flow statements indicating how the borrowed proceeds will be repaid.


Focus of the Final Paper
Additional questions that should be answered to focus the core of your paper include the following:
How much money do you plan on raising? What sources will be available including personal funds, relatives, Small Business Administration, sweat equity, venture capital,  angel investors, vendor financing, partnering,  and short and long term financing? Can you successfully use guerilla tactics [that is, creating interest by initially offering an asset for sale, and then withdrawing interest and seeking people to raise the bid]?

What types of collateral can you use as security for your investment? Describe how you will mitigate against risks including management, technical, marketing, programmatic [can we make it?] and cost risk [can we make it cost effectively?]



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