BUS 368 week 5 New Venture Financial Plan - 20066

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BUS 368 week 5 New Venture Financial Plan


Communicate one complex idea, body of information, or message using three different approaches to visual communication. Some examples of "approaches to visual  communication" include: information graphics, symbols and signs, shapes and colors, images and groups of images, charts and graphs, typography, cartoons and illustrations.inaddition to the visuals, write a wo to three page paper reflecting on why each approach is effective in communicating your message, and which of your approaches you feel would be most effective. Explain your eflective responses. Your visuals must clearly and effectively communicate the message and reflect the application of material covered in this course. Your reflective paper must provide a clear nad rational analysis of the effectiveness of each visual in communicating the message. the paper must be two-three double-spaced pages in length (excluding the cover and reference pages) and formatted according



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