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Assignment 2: Final Project

You will continue with the final project. This week's assignments include the following:

  • Prepare a letter of application and a resume aimed at gaining your ideal (but appropriate) job. Do not focus on a job requiring a Bachelor's degree if you do not have one (or aren't close). Do not apply for something requiring 10 years experience if you have 1. Post your initial draft in this discussion area for review by your peer editor. The peer editor should use the feedback checklist to review the information. Make sure there are no grammatical or formatting errors in either document.
  • Develop at least 5 questions and answers you could expect to address with this company if you were granted an interview for this particular job. Create responses that are interesting, and professional, that create an individual competitive advantage, and are scrupulously honest. Post this information in the discussion area for your peer editor to review. Discuss different perspective on your responses and why they may or may not provide a good impression on your interviewer.
  • Prepare an extensive career search focused tip sheet, with 15 to 20 tips total. It should include: (1) research process reminders, (2) application letters and resume advice, (3) reminders about interviewing techniques and requirements, (4) follow up correspondence required during and after the application process.
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