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1.       Individual Assignment: Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study


·         Resource: Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case

·         Read the Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case located on the student Web site.

·         Write a 700- to 1,000-word paper responding to the following questions:

o    How did your decision compare to the board’s decision? Why did you make the decision you did? What effect did organizational infrastructure and culture have on your decision?


o    What do you think were the main causes behind the problems that Magnolia ultimately suffered? What would you have done differently to avoid those problems?


o    What differences in acquiring revenue, accruing expenses, and training key personnel are there between a nonprofit organization’s inability to thrive and a for-profit organization’s inability to thrive? Cite at least three differences.


o    What is Magnolia’s deficit in terms of risk management?



·         Formatthe paper according to APA guidelines.

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