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Resource:University ofPhoenix Material: Criteria for Preparing Individual Paper on Special Populations

Review the material gathered on your chosen special population for the Week One Learning Team discussion.

Write a 3- to 5-page paper in which you explain the following:


·         What populations have you reviewed and which one have you selected?

·         How and why have you selected this population? How was this area of interest formed?

·         What do you bring to the field of helping that would benefit this specific population?

·         How would you use case management to help this population?

·         What limitations and strengths do you bring to this chosen field? How would you use the strengths and overcome the limitations?

·         Are there likely to be multicultural issues to be addressed as you work with this population? How would you address those?

·         What local resources did you find in your Internet search for this population?


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Submit the assignment to the Gradebook.

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     The elder populations growing more than any other segment of the American population.  There are some populations more vulnerable than others for many different reasons.  Examples of populations that are more vulnerable than others include very young children, the elderly, and those are mentally ill.  While it is sad to see any of these groups be harmed or taken advantage of, this paper will discuss the elderly population, as this is a group who are taken advantage of because of their trust in others to help them and their inability to help themselves in many areas of their lives.

            The area of in

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