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Prepare and Submit the Diversity Issues Exercise to the Gradebook.

Form dyads and discuss with your teammate your differences in sex, race, culture, politics, and religion. You may choose to exclude a topic which you prefer not to discuss. After you have completed your discussion, talk to each other about what you found hard to discuss, what you found easy, and whether or not what you experienced relates to your work with clients.

Next, discuss the various diverse groups of clients served by case managers and how case management services may differ to meet the needs of various clients. Submit a three page paper that discusses various clients served and how the team would address diversity as human service providers.


Discuss progress being made in completing the case manager interviews, including any difficulties anyone is experiencing, and solve problems as a team to overcome the difficulties.

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       Team A will examine and discuss the diversity that case managers deal with in the elderly. Elderly alone have several types of special diverse cultures and needs that case managers work with on a daily basis. Case manager’s work with diverse clients and knowing the resources available to clients can determine the client's compliance with therapy and ultimate success within the program. Case managers must understand the field they have chosen to work in and have a passion for the population serviced because some fields require more involvement (mentally, physically, and emotionally) from the case manager than others. Case managers must make an effort to keep up-to-date on the available resources as well as improve techniques in dealing with clients. They must take necessary ste

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