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1.       Learning Team Assignment: CareSafe Foster Systems Budget


·         Complete, individually,the CareSafe Foster Systems Budget activity located on your student Web site.

·         Review the budget with your team members.

·         Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper answering the following questions as a team:


o    What would you say to Dr. Drexel to help her understand the importance of a workable budget?


o    What may be done to increase the size of CareSafe’s surplus? Cite at least four methods and discuss the pros and cons of each method. Which of these methods are the most feasible to implement? Explain your rationale.


o    What, if any, problems do you foresee in CareSafe’s financial future? What may be done to prevent those problems?


·         Formatthe paper according to APA guidelines.


·         Submit the completed budget and your responses to the questions.

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Increasing Surplus

In review of the budget there were a few things that needed improvement to increase a surplus, such as the total revenue per visit, the amount of staff members needed per visit, the supplies fees, and the total balance of what it cost to keep the organization thriving.

·         The first recommendation is for CareSafe to perform a cost analysis to help discover the programs total cost

·         The second recommendation would be forecasting for the next fiscal year to leave room for any new funding that may be available for that time.

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