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BSHS373 / BSHS 373 / Week 1 Individual Assignment Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study

Week 1 Individual Assignment Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study

Resource: Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case

Read the Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case located on the student website.

Write a 700- to 1,000-word paper responding to the following questions:

How did your decision compare to the board’s decision? Why did you make the decision you did? What effect did organizational infrastructure and culture have on your decision?

What do you think were the main causes behind the problems that Magnolia ultimately suffered? What would you have done differently to avoid those problems?

What differences in acquiring revenue, accruing expenses, and training key personnel are there between a nonprofit organization’s inability to thrive and a for-profit organization’s inability to thrive? Cite at least three differences.

What is Magnolia’s deficit in terms of risk management?

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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