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): Learning Team Paper on Abuse Reporting- supply your state’s child/elder/spouse abuse reporting laws to the Learning Team forum.  Discuss these laws in relation to your thoughts on confidentiality and the duty to protect others from harm.  Refer to the Ethical Standards of Human Services Professionals and any other pertinent Code of Ethics.   Submit a 2-3 page paper (350 words per page) summarizing your team’s thoughts on the issues that were raised.  If team members live in different states, be sure to compare and contrast any differences in state laws.

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Illinois State Abuse Reporting Laws


Abuse is an ongoing problem in our country. Whether a professional is reporting child, elder or spousal abuse, each of our fifty states has a different set of laws and a different procedure for reporting abuse. Learning Team D decided to focus on the reporting laws in the state of Illinois and how they relate to the ethical ideals of confidentiality and the duty to warn. It will also compare and contrast the abuse reporting laws in the four different states that our team members live in.

The state of Illinois has several laws in place to protect vulnerable populations from abuse. These laws were put into place to stop abuse from happening or from going any further. These populations include children, the elderly and spouses of people have violent partners.

The Illinois Child Abuse and

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