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BSHS 332 Week 3 Individual Assignment

Gay People Raising Children

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Every day in the news, in a newspaper, or in a popular magazine, there seems to be an article or a comment on gay marriage and the rights that many feel this group is being denied. There are many lobbyists in favor of allowing gays and lesbians to marry, while there are many people opposed, often using the Bible as grounds for their argument.  In the midst of this heated debate, an inevitable question often arises: Should gays be allowed to raise children? There are many arguments stating how damaging this type of environment could be to a child, and also how gays raising children will ultimately turn the children they are raising to be gay as well. What really is the truth?  While there is evidence to support both sides on the argument whether or not gays should be allowed to raise children, my research has found that there is more information that not to support the idea that children who are raise

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