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): Learning Team Paper on an Ethical Theory—Read the e-text that reflects the ethical theory that the faculty member assigned your Learning Team.

Using your groups ethical theory, prepare a 2-3 page (350 words per page) paper that includes:

·    The major elements of the theory

·    How the theory is used in making ethical judgments, including the decision-making



This paper should be written in APA-style with at least two references.  Post the final draft to the Assignment Section

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Feminist Ethics

The feminist theory encompasses the important aspects and major values that women seem to relate to. The feminist theory also includes the critiquing of gender inequalities as well as the promotion of women’s rights. In addition, it includes the moral and ethical standpoints of women through many years of study.  Women make judgments and decisions according to their experiences, compassion, moral sentiments, relationships, friendships, love, and trust.  “All of which” was imbedded through there nurturing, caretaking, and helpmate values. There are major elements of

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