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Paper on a Workplace Ethical Dilemma.  Submit a 3-5 page paper (350 words per page) dealing with a workplace ethical dilemma that you have either experienced personally or that you are otherwise familiar with.  This paper written in APA style with at least 2 references, should address:

o       The essential points of the dilemma

o       How this dilemma intersects with your personal values


o       How you did/would solve this dilemma and why?

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A workplace dilemma that I was faced with was seeing my supervisor take money from a clients account. I worked for a group home for the disabled. My supervisor came into the office and we kept the clients files with their money attached to their files. I witnessed my supervisor taking money from one of the client files. I saw him putting money in his pocket.  He told me that he had to go pick some items up for one of the clients. I thought nothing of it at the time because we always did shopping for the clients.

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