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Write a 700-1,700 word paper on therapeutic tools.


·         Choose from the following tools:


Ø  Behavioral Contracts

Ø  Fair Fighting Rules

Ø  “I” – statements

Ø  Love and Logic

Ø  The Nurtured Heart Approach

Ø  1-2-3 Magic

Ø  Therapeutic Games

Ø  Safety Planning


·      Each team member should choose one tool and include: 

The name of the tool

What theory it came from

How the tool works

How the tool is helpful


Is there evidence to show its effectiveness?

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Therapeutic Tools

            Therapeutic tool are supportive, interactive tools developed to give children, parents, and couples the opportunity to express their emotions in a non-threatening, productive way. Using therapeutic tools allows a person to reasonably confront conflicts, emotions, misunderstandings, and behaviors without confrontation while building strength in the relationship. An understanding must be met, rules and boundaries should be set, and the conflict should be thoroughly understood from each party upon reaching an agreement.

Fair Fighting Rules

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