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·         Articles on Cognitive Interventions:


o    Conduct an Internet search for a professional article on a cognitive-behavioral approach to working with an issue or issues that you might encounter when working as a human services worker.


Discussion on Cognitive Interventions:

Review the articles that you found on cognitive interventions. Choose one method and discuss how you might apply it when working with the issue or issues that you chose.

·      Write a 700– 1,700 word paper and

               ·     Include:  What the specific Cognitive-Behavioral approach is; how it is helpful; what cognitive interventions are; and how would they be helpful in dealing with the issue that you chose that you might encounter when working as a human services worker.

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Major cognitive theories can be traced back hundreds of years to ancient Greek times, where many of the stressors in today’s society did not exist.  However, these theories have adapted and been passed along all the way into the 21st century, where they are still used.  There are several different theories used by us in today’s world, as well as by professionals in the human service industry.  In this paper, I will discuss some of the major theories used, their effects on everyday people and professionals, and also skills and techniques used by human service workers.  These theories also play a huge role in our day to day problems solving, as seen in the online discussion questions, which I will also identify.

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