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Create a market analysis of salary levels of the software analysts.

A linear correlation has been found between the number of trouble calls taken by software analysts and their salaries. The equation for this correlation is expressed as follows:

S = 545X + 36,400


 X number of trouble calls handled weekly

 S is the annual salary of the software analyst.

Equation for annual income to offset the software analyst salary:

I = 2,340X

X is the number of trouble calls handled weekly by software analysts, and I is the annual income for subsidizing the software analyst salary.

 Create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with single worksheet follow steps:

Create a table with 3 columns. Label the first column "Weekly Trouble Calls - X," the second column "Salary," and the third column "Income."

In the column labeled "Weekly Trouble Calls," enter numbers from 1 to 50, one number per row.

Create formulas for the Salary column and Income column to calculate the value of S and I based on the equations above for each of the 50 values of X. Format these 2 columns to be currency, rounded to whole dollars.

Create a line graph showing the two lines formed by both equations. Add a legend identifying the lines as Salary and Income. Format the axes, if necessary, to avoid a crammed look. For the horizontal axis, specify an interval unit of 5 and choose "Position Axis on Tick Marks."

Using text labels, indicate the following information on the graph:

·        The break-even point

·        The area that represents profit

·        The area that represents loss



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