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Programming Assignment 7 Instructions

Adapted from Introduction to Programming Using Visual Basic 2012, 9/


Create and Maintain Telephone Directories


Write a Visual Basic program to create and maintain telephone directories.  Each telephone directory should be contained in a separate text file.  In addition, a file named Directories.txt should hold the names of the telephone directories.  At any time, names of all the telephone directories should be displayed in a list box.  After a telephone directory is selected, it becomes the current phone directory.  The following buttons should be available.

a.       Create a new telephone directory. (The filename should be provided by an input dialog box.)  A new text file should be created for the directory, and the name of the new directory should be added to the Directories.txt file.  The Phone Directories listbox should immediately be refreshed to reflect the new directory, and the new directory should be automatically seleted from the listbox.  Note that this selection should trigger the procedure that sets the current directory and updates the contents of the current directory textbox.  Also note that th