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Question 1 of 20


A major way marketers create positive and distinct images is through:

A. marketing plans.

B. hiring marketing personnel.

C. marketing communications.

D. funding charities.


Question 2 of 20


An important goal of marketing communications is to build a relationship with the organization’s:

A. employees.

B. technological team.

C. channel members.

D. research and development channel.


Question 3 of 20


__________ is an activity or material that offers customers, sales personnel, or resellers a direct inducement for purchasing a product.

A. Sales promotion

B. Promoting a company

C. Selling goods

D. None of the above


Question 4 of 20


A nonpaid form of nonpersonal communication about the organization and its products that is transmitted through a mass medium in the form of a news story is referred to as:

A. advertising.

B. newsletters.

C. publicity.

D. None of the above


Question 5 of 20


Why would the manufacturer of a $390 video home security system be reluctant to use advertising as its sole promotional tool?

A. The manufacturer would have little control over the promotional message.

B. Advertising is an ineffective way to create a product or brand image.

C. The advertising message can be targeted to an individual.

D. Advertising reaches many people who are not potential buyers.


Question 6 of 20


The specialist viewpoint is represented by advertising experts who are primarily concerned with measuring the effects of:

A. specific ads or campaigns.

B. the economical status.

C. the research approach.

D. the percent of sales approach


Question 7 of 20


What are the objectives for advertising?

A. Specific ads or campaigns

B. Creating awareness, aiding comprehension, developing conviction, and encouraging ordering

C. Implement marketing plans

D. None of the above


Question 8 of 20


The ultimate objective of the business advertiser is to make:

A. people aware of the company.

B. sales and profit.

C. informed guesses about how to manipulate buyers.

D. None of the above


Question 9 of 20


The __________ method attempts to determine retail price by using product costs as a base.

A. per-unit expenditure

B. purchase pricing

C. percentage-of-sales

D. all-you-can-afford


Question 10 of 20


Well-planned advertising programs usually make use of the __________ approach.

A. marketing

B. financial

C. task

D. None of the above


Question 11 of 20


__________ are in the best position to act as the intermediaries through whom valuable information can be passed back and forth between buyers and producers.

A. Marketing managers

B. Customers

C. Advertisers

D. Salespeople


Question 12 of 20


The process of locating potential customers is called:

A. database building.

B. planning sales calls.

C. pre-selling.

D. prospecting.


Question 13 of 20


Which of the following is a salesperson’s best source of prospects?

A. Trade shows

B. Referrals from satisfied customers

C. Canvassing

D. Centers of influence


Question 14 of 20


Which of the following statements about objections during a sales presentation is true?

A. Objections are typically trivial, and best handled by ignoring them.

B. Objections can arise at any time during the sales presentation.

C. A good salesperson allows objections to be raised only when the sales presentation is concluded.

D. In handling an objection, a salesperson should be willing to challenge the prospect’s opinion and experience.


Question 15 of 20


In response to an objection, the salesperson should __________ the customer.

A. not immediately challenge

B. thank

C. listen passively to

D. actively challenge


Question 16 of 20


The concept of __________ focuses the organization’s attention on providing continuing satisfaction and reinforcement to individuals or organizations that are past or current customers.

A. premarketing

B. advertising

C. aftermarketing

D. warranting


Question 17 of 20


__________ are (is) used in certain industries such as pharmaceuticals to focus solely on promotion of existing products and introduction of new products.

A. Missionary salespeople

B. Technical sales specialists

C. More flexibility in decision making

D. Information provision


Question 18 of 20


When the product is extremely high-priced and is being sold to the whole organization, __________ are often used.

A. missionary salespeople

B. technical sales specialists

C. cross-functional sales teams

D. task approaches


Question 19 of 20


Most companies organize their sales effort either by:

A. salespeople or direct selling.

B. marketers or advertisers.

C. geography, product, or customers.

D. developing convictions or innovative ideas.


Question 20 of 20


The __________ approach involves measuring the relationship between the dependent variable, sales, and one independent variable that can explain increases or decreases in sales volume.

A. jury of executive opinion method

B. sales force composite method

C. time-series analysis

D. correlation analysis

BM350 BM/350 BM 350 MM4 Question 1 of 20

 MM4 Quiz Question 1 of 20


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