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BIS220 Information Systems Proposal Paper 

TABLE 2.2 Types of Organizational Information Systems


Type of System Function Example



Functional area IS Supports the activities within a specific System for processing payroll

functional area

Transaction processing Processes transaction data from business Wal-Mart checkout point-of-sale terminal

system events

Enterprise resource Integrates all functional areas of the Oracle, SAP

planning organization

Office automation system Supports daily work activities of individuals Microsoft Office

and groups

Management information Produces reports summarized from Report on total sales for each customer

system transaction data, usually in one functional


Decision support system Provides access to data and analysis tools “What-if ” analysis of changes in budget

Expert system Mimics human expertise in a particular Credit card approval analysis

area and makes a decision

Executive dashboard Presents structured, summarized Status of sales by product

information about aspects of business

important to executives

Supply chain Manages flows of products, services, and Wal-Mart Retail Link system connecting

management system information among organizations suppliers to Wal-Mart

Electronic commerce Enables transactions among organizations

system and between organizations and customers




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