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·         Define Wi-Fi. How is Wi-Fi being used to support mobile computing and m-commerce? How does Wi-Fi affect the use of cellular phones for m-commerce?




Wi-Fi is actually a trademarked name for what has come to be refer to high speed wireless internet access that is broadcast over a certain area. These areas are called hotspots. A user is given access to these hotspots via a username and password that they usually pay for in particular time intervals. Some cities now even have city wide Wi-Fi which allows citizens free internet access. The trademark itself is also used interchangeably with IEEE 802.11 wireless standards. One of the drawbacks to Wi-Fi is that during periods of high access among mobile phone users access may become too slow or even overcrowded, not allowing users onto the network. The same goes for the mobile phone users, they may not be able to place calls during periods of high sales volumes.



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·         Define Wi-