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·         Are there ethical and legal considerations particular to conducting e-commerce? If so, what are these considerations? What measures can businesses adopt to ensure information security in e-commerce transactions?




Two good ways for businesses to avoid ethical concerns are screenings and having, and ensuring all employees abide to, a code of ethics. If a code of ethics is in place, and employees understand the repercussions of violations, they will be less likely to do so. This is why most businesses have them in place today. Many businesses use a screening process consisting of carefully worded ethical questions that all potential employees must take before they can be considered for employment.

Personally, I don't feel that the ethical and legal considerations of e-commerce are much different than that of regular commerce. E-commerce has gotten a bad reputation because people are under the impression that information is easier to get in this high tech environment. In actuality, if the proper security measures, such as an encrypted secured connection and a firewall, can make this info just as hard to get as if it were under lock an key.


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·         Are there ethi