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·         What is the relationship amongst data, information, and knowledge? What are the advantages of a knowledge management system? How may a knowledge management system enhance productivity?


Data is basically facts, statistics, details about a single subject, or multiple subjects. Any details that explain, describe, or are attributes of a person, place, or thing. For example data on trains, planes, and automobiles, the economy, and snails all are facts and details or data.
Information is relational data, generally the details that explain, describe, or attributes are related to a single subject. For example information about a person would include their physical characteristics, their family history, and their educational background.

Knowledge is taking the data or information about a single subject or multiple subjects and creating new facts and information that did not exist before. It is using the information and data to make decisions or find solutions to problems. It is examining data and information to find relationships and formulate answers or alternatives to resolving questions and allow learning to occur.

A knowledge management system would enhance productivity by examining the answers, alternatives, and lessons learned to effect change to existing systems and processes that increase efficiencies, produce new products and services, or reduce costs (Daghfous, 2003).

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