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·         Many organizations now have a members’ Web site, where customers can keep track of different kinds of information related to the organization, such as Wish Lists or My Favorites. Visit a site that offers this type of service: eBay, Amazon, Dell, and Old Navy are some examples. What types of information does the site collect? How does the business use this information? What kind of competitive advantage, if any, does the business gain in collecting this information?


Websites normally collect name, mailing address, and a list of products a person would like to own. The websites then encourage the list creating customers to e-mail these lists to their friends and families so that these persons know what presents to buy for people. In this way the websites get new customers to go to their websites to purchase gifts for every person that creates a list on their website instead of having that person to a store or a different company to purchase the gift. The websites also use the list information to create lists of suggested items for their customers to help the website market products that a customer seems to be interested in.