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As a team, you will write a paper in Microsoft Word outlining the following components. Please remember to format your paper according to APA guidelines. Select an ecosystem, such as a temperate forest, desert biome, or the Everglades. Determine the interdependency of life in your ecosystem by examining its organisms. Create a diagram in which you illustrate the energy flow among organisms of a food chain in a particular ecosystem. See Ch. 20 of the textbook for details and examples. Include the following in your diagram: • List the organisms that can be found in your ecosystem. • Identify the structure and function of the main organs in at least two organisms, and indicate why they are suited for that environment. • Label major organisms that live in your selected ecosystem: P for producers, C for consumers, and D for decomposers. • Name the types of consumers in your ecosystem. • List the food chains associated with your ecosystem. Address the following items: • Name of the plant or animal • What it eats • What eats it • How it adapts to the ecosystem • Describe the ecosystem's population growth and regulation through community interactions. • Evaluate potential hazards caused by humans that might affect your ecosystem's stability, such as environmental pollution. BIO/101 Week 5 Team Assignment Food Web Diagram (****** BIO 101 Week 5 Food Web Diagram (***** Everglades + 2317 Words + Diagram + APA Format + Conclusion + References *****)
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