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At the source of the tree of life lies a single- celled living thing, the 3.8 billion years old ancestor that gave rise to all of following life types. All living things are descendants of that ancestor and on the surface, it might not appear just like all living things are associated, however appearance may be misleading. A living thing regardless of how small or large has gone through modifications all through history. An organism development is significant to the existence of the types. As time alters so should the living thing. Without adjusting to these types of modifications the living thing won't exist and vanish. In this document it will be reviewed on the way the dolphin developed into the living thing that it's today to adjust to their surroundings. Dolphins have adapted their anatomic structures to survive in the water environment and so far, the behavior of their respiratory system during diving has not been fully understood, since they being protected species cannot be subjected to invasive analysis (“Experimental and computational biomechanical characterization of the tracheo-bronchial tree of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncates) during diving,” 2011). .


It is important for every living organism to adapt to the altering eras in order to survive. Dolphins, at one ti