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Discussion Question One


June 23, 2009









            Psychology certainly has a long past, as it can be traced all the way back to the beginning of man’s creation. The science of psychology, nonetheless, is a more recent historical study; as such, psychology as it relates to science, does have a short history, especially when placed on the larger timeline. Within the past few hundred years, the science of psychology has significantly grown, with key studies and contributors making their mark on it. Psychology has always been in existence; nonetheless, it has never been acknowledged or studied in this kind of capacity until more recent times. Psychology is now considered a major area of science, with its emphasis being on the human mind. 

In my opinion, and in the opinion of many leaders in the area, when it comes to the growth of psychology, Kurt Lewin is appropriately labeled as ‘the father of psychology’. Another noteworthy person that has greatly influenced the growth of psychology is Sigmund Freud. Many people consider him to be just as significant and influential as Lewin in this field. Freud primarily focused on psychoanalysis and personality while focusing on its connection to biology. His work was certainly controversial, and some of it has already been disproven; nonetheless, he was a pioneer in that he helped set things in motion in a field that is ever-changing.

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