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Create two original lesson plans based on content appropriate to your area of specialization. Submit these lesson plans as attachments to this task.

1.  For the objective component for each of the two lesson plans, write one original, observable, and measurable objective (total of two objectives).

2.  For each lesson plan, include at least two instructional resources found outside the classroom.

a.  One of the instructional resources for each lesson plan must be an Internet resource.
Select two Internet resources (one for each lesson plan) you might use for your lessons (remember to cite the resources using APA format).


1.  Evaluate each resource (suggested length of 1–2 paragraphs per resource) for its appropriateness to grade level and content.

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Instructional Planning and Design


The theme of my unit, “Jack and the Beanstalk,” is carefully woven into two lessons of science and health.  The unit also covers other content areas which include math and language arts.  The two lesson plans incorporates student individuality and creates authentic, meaningful experiences to employ high order thinking skills. The focus on children’s literature provides an entrance point into the unit theme, but also allows for student expansion into other areas of interrelated disciplines of math, science, technology, and language arts. The two lessons are worthwhile to implement within a classroom because they meet the developmental and individual needs of students.  The lessons also help students reach state standards and lesson objective based on learning for the 21st century.  The two lessons support students overall development, encourages understanding in