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Problem Statement: MBA Capstone – ART2/HNT2/JKT2 Task Three

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Briefly, describe the client/organization by providing some background and describing the context in which the business problem or need occurs. 

John Doe Machine Tools are a well-known brand of machine tools supplying machine tools to OEM’s mainly in the automobile and aviation Industry. The company has two plants one in Cleveland and the other in Appaloosa, Texas. Since the last two years the Texas plant was suffering from delivery problems. From a week to four week delays were becoming common. Whatever profit the company is making is being spent in liquidated damages and penalties. The plant is losing orders to competitors. The management had deployed two fully automated machines to take care of two vital processes in the production line. But even that is proving futile. The company does not know what to do.

How is the problem affecting the client/organization?  List or describe the issues the problem is causing.  (How is the problem sho

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