Bacteria Vs Fungi and Three shapes of Bacteria - 20299

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Bacteria Vs Fungi and Three shapes of Bacteria


Bacteria Vs Fungi and Three shapes of BacteriaJustified ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from texts, web sites, and other references or personal experience.


Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using the correct APA style.?


Discuss the differences and similarities between bacteria and fungi. Include a comparison of size, cell type, reproduction, mode of deriving food, and good versus bad effects on other organisms and the environment. Be sure to give specific examples of good and bad bacteria and fungi including their scientific names.


Each discussion has at least one key concept. Do not simply summarize the required readings. Personalize the concept. Explain how it is relevant or interesting to you. If you can’t do that, you have not mastered the concept.




Bacteria have three basic recognizable shapes. Name and describe the shapes, discuss differences in the groups physiologically and biologically, and give examples of each type that may be found in your home or work environment.



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