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W8 Assignment “Completed Business plan”


Completed Business Plan

The Final Business Plan will consist of the following elements:

1.Business Plan Executive Summary

                     The executive summary is a snapshot of the business plan as a whole and touches on the company profile and goals. This was completed in a prior week.

2.Market Analysis

                     Provide specific industry, market and competitive analysis information that should be conducted and included in the business plan.

3.Company Description

                     What does the company do? What differentiates this business? Which markets does it serve?

4.Organization & Management

                     All businesses are structured differently. Describe the organization and its management structure, regardless of its size.

5.Marketing & Sales Management

                     How will the company market the business? What is the sales strategy?

6.Service or Product Line

                     What does the business sell? How does it benefit the customers? What is the product lifecycle? Does it plan to conduct R&D activities?

7.Financial Projections

                     Include the financial projections that have already been completed.




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