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1. Describe the importance of the termination phase of project and the risks (if any) associated with poor project termination.

2. Describe the use of a Gantt chart in project planning.

 3. Discuss and describe the three classes of technology used in a typical firm.

 4. Describe and identify risks associated with R&D ventures. Be specific.

 15.3 Develop a generic project termination plan that is based on the list of activities presented in the chapter. What are the precedence relations among these activities? Develop a linear responsibility chart for the termination phase.

15.7 Develop a questionnaire to capture the importance of various activities that should be performed during the termination stage.

a. Administer the questionnaire to a sample of project managers.

b. Summarize and analyze the results.

15.8 Identify two projects Local or national, that were terminated prematurely.

a. Analyze the reasons that each was canceled

b. Compare the results of the two cases



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