BA430 Intro to Quality Management W8 Final Exam - 86905

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1. What is the difference between Juran’s definition of Strategic Quality Management and Madu and Kuei’s definition of Strategic Total Quality Management? 2. What is the difference between validity and reliability? 3. Describe the seven tools of management and how management can benefit from using them? 4. What are work instructions? Discuss the role of work instruction. 5. Define experimental design. Discuss the importance of experimental design as a tool. 6. Discuss the three general types of error that can occur in problem solving. Give examples. 7. Describe and discuss Benchmarking. 8. Discuss the differences in Variables and Attributes data. Give examples of data. 9. Compare and contrast Deming and Crosby’s views on the cost associate with a lost customer. 10. Discuss the barriers to quality improvement efforts.
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