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Assume that you are the HIM director at a small rural hospital. Your department currently employs four full-time and one outsourced staff members, which includes a coder, file clerk, receptionist, data quality manager, outsourced release of information specialist (ROI) and director.

The department processes about 600 discharges per month, each discharge takes about 15 minutes to code. The department's ROI request rate was as follows for this past year: 750 charts in first quarter, 900 in the second quarter, 575 in the third quarter, and 1000 in the fourth quarter.

The following table shows a portion of the HIM department's supplies and materials from the previous year.

Prior-year Expenditures
Budget vs. Actual


Budget Amount

Amount Spent







Conference Fees



Membership Dues









Calculate and analyze the variance for the budgeted amount and the actual amount spent. The analysis should include reasons why you feel there was a variance.

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