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SC250: Science for Everyday Life

Assignment: Unit 9-Final Project
















Science in the Media


     To begin this paper, I wanted to dwell on the positives more than the negatives. I think the Media has a lot of power and influence on just about everything. Science is no different, there are always going to be people who are against it and then those who are for it. There is no way we could agree on everything. Such as cloning, abortion and stem cells, just to name a few. You always have the pros and cons.  Unfortunately, not everything you hear on the television or radio is the truth or the facts. So we need to do our own research and come to our own conclusions.


















     When you hear the word “scientist” what do you envision? Which famous people or characters from the media come into your mind? What characteristics do they have in common? Discuss at least three characteristics of your vision of a scientist.

      When I hear the word Scientist, I think of someone very smart, brainy and boring. I wouldn’t necessarily say nerdy, but more book smart than street smart. That’s what I envision.

      One of the people who come into mind when I think of a Scientist is our local Weather Man on one of our news channels. He is always pretty accurate with the weather forecast. I know that they use the National Weather Center for a lot of data. However, he explains a lot of the weather in layman terms, so the Audience understands what is going on, or what is about to happen.  He has built a rapport with his audience and they trust him. I see him as a Scientist, because he d