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The IS Leadership Role & IS Governance The need for Information Technology and Information Security is vital to any organization. Most organization relies deeply on system management because it improves the overall mission success by the click of a button, allowing the system to be the brain and do all the work as long as the information being input is accurate. According to McNurlin, B., Sprague, R., Bui T. (2008) Information System focus on National Defense, Entertainment, and Medicine, however, most importantly used to manage organizations to achieve its goals and decision making processes. Management Information systems became notable in the 1970’s allowing organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, and other telecommunication organizations to conduct business by means of transmitting information from user to user. Any of these would not be able to be accomplished without Leadership such as an Information Technology Specialist to oversee the program and the functionality of the system by ensuring system management and software are all up to date and the end user understands how to work and maneuver through the system. I will be focusing on healthcare and patient management in my organization. IT Governance. In my organization the flow of IS and IT was a slow progress. My organization did not have the IT support for cross management. A System that I use in my organization to order medical Supplies is DMLSS Customer Assistance Module (DCAM) an ordering tool that is used to replenish medical supplies for customers. When I arrived to the unit the system was inoperable because we had no IT support to connect the system, this was painstaking because all orders had to be do