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Get Off Your Computer Assignment #2

Violating Social Norms


The Asch study showed that many people will give in to the majority opinion even if that opinion conflicts with their own beliefs. Social forces are very powerful and most people feel uncomfortable going against them. There are many social norms, and most of us readily adhere to them. Some people may think that they are different and that violating a social norm wouldn’t bother them. Let’s see!

In this assignment your task is to violate some minor social norm and to report about it. Below are some examples that you might consider. You don’t have to use these examples, but if you do not never violate the rights of other people.


1.       Go into a store, or board a bus and sing out loud.

2.       Wear a tuxedo or fancy dress to McDonalds.

3.       Stand too close to someone in a line, or sit too close to someone in a restaurant.

4.       Sit in an empty chair at an otherwise occupied table.

5.       Wear your PJs to your local neighborhood convenience store.

6.       Stand facing the rear of an elevator with people in it.

7.       Ask a person on a bus or train if you can have their seat.

These are only examples. You can be creative and think of your own. If you want to use your own idea, please check with me first.

After you “violate” the norm (and you may want to do this more than once) you will write a two to three page paper in which you:

1.       Describe the social norm you violated and where it was violated.

2.       Describe the reactions of others.

3.       Describe your own reactions to violating the norm.

4.       Relate your observations to information in your text and/or other published scholarly works.

Submit your paper in the drop box called “social norm”, as either a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file or as a Rich Text File (.rtf). I cannot open any other file types. Your paper should be written in APA format and style (you do not need an abstract).



Grading Rubric for Norm Violation Assignment







Treatment of topic is creative. Supportive evidence (text and outside reading) were incorporated.

Specific, original focus. Supportive evidence from text included.

Retains overall focus. Little supportive evidence or evidence was not well integrated.

Significance of content not clear or not related to assignment.

components of assignment

 All components of assignment included. Each component was clear and complete.

All components of assignment included. One component not fully developed or not clear.

 All components of assignment completed. One or two components not fully developed or contained ambiguities.

One or more components of assignment not completed. One or more components not well developed.


Writing flows well and was free of mechanical errors.

Few mechanical errors; no major errors.

No serious mechanical errors.

Serious mechanical errors. Errors impede clear understanding.

Maximum Points







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