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? Acceptance of a contract occurs when an offeree agrees to be mutually certain along with the party to the terms of the contract, this happens by the offeree giving consideration, or giving something of value such as money, that will seal the deal (Ayres 2012). But one must keep in mind that acceptance follows the mirror image rule, which states that acceptance is legal, if and only if the manufactured good(s) or services received is exactly what was consisted in the offer (Ayres 2012). Generally speaking, acceptance occurs when the offeree clearly accepts the offer that was made by the offeror, for example like paying the asking price for puppies. This ensures that both parties agree to the agreement at hand which makes it legal and binding. You are not able to return the puppies, and he/she cannot request them back without getting into some type of legal tangle, since you both have a legal agreement. However, there are other means of acceptance and how there are conditions that take place that can place limits on acceptance in contract law. Five limits of acceptance that is listed in the book and this paper will discuss and provide example for are (1) the restrictions on the method of communication the acceptance, (2) time limits on acceptance, (3) waving stipulations or condition, (4) acceptance must be unambiguous and lastly, (5) accept