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The Poems of Harlem Renaissance

The Harlem Renaissance was a significant period in the African American literature and it ushered some specific changes in the sphere of not only the African American literature but to the American literature too. Harlem Renaissance, as a movement, on one hand, brought some noteworthy changes in the cultural sphere of the African Americans and, on the other hand, brought about important changes in the socio-political conditions of the African Americans who were sustaining their lives in the white-dominated American society. This particular period instigated myriads of learned men and women from the African American community to raise their voices against the racial discrimination but in a non-violent manner and through the medium of literature. The literary works became the pivotal weapon for the blacks to wage a war against the discriminations to which they were subjugated and it was the Harlem Renaissance period which helped the African American scholars, authors, and poets to infuse within their works the theme of double-consciousness. Introduced by Du Bois, this theme of double-consciousness gradually conveyed the message to the white society that how the African Americans did suffer from an identity crisis. Moreover, this theme was further popularized by some eminent African American poets and among them the names of Countee Cullen and Claude McKay deserve special mention. It was both Cullen and McKay who rendered painstaking effort in composing such poems th