Assignment 2 Multiculturalism (***** 848 words + APA Format + References *****) - 26700

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Assignment 2 Multiculturalism 



 Select, write a paper using APA standards, of at least 750 words that focuses upon the following:


1.      Describe the meaning of multiculturalism in your own words

2.      Why is multiculturalism a controversial issue for some people?

3.      How can the three sociological perspectives (e.g., social functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interaction) be used to conceptually understand multiculturalism?



All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.


Assignment 2 Grading Criteria


Defined multiculturalism


Discussed the reasons why multiculturalism is a controversial subject.


Gave a complete explanation as to how structural functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interaction can be used to understand multiculturalism.




Assignment 2 Multiculturalism

Assignment 2: Multiculturalism




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