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Assignment 2: Inventory Management

BUS 499







Determine these types of inventories these companies currently manage and describe their essential inventory characteristics.

Apple is a manufacturing company that manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and portable digital music players. Along with their devices, they also sell a variety of related software, services, peripherals, networking solutions, and third-party digital content and applications that can be accessed through the devices. The popular devices that are manufactured by the company include Macintosh computer, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The Macintosh computer is the most famous device that has been manufactured by the company.  When this specific device was released in 1984, it because the first computer to successfully use a Graphical User Interface which allow the users to use the device by activating pictures on the screen by using a mouse. From this success, it inspired the development of modern computers since most modern-day computers operate using the Graphical User Interface. The iPhone, the world’s first smart phone, is another famous device that is manufactured by the company. It is basically like a mini-computer that provides similar functions and features as a computer does. Since, it is a type of a mobile phone, the user can send and receive text messages and phone calls that a normal mobile phone can perform. Having the similar functions as a computer, the users can browse the webs using the device and check their emails in a convenient matter. It can also store music and other audio files providing music player features of an mp3 player. In addition to having the ability to store music, the device can also store video files which can be downloaded or synced into the device. The users can download apps that are operated by the third party programs that provide convenience and productivity. The most popular feature of this device includes the camera which allows the users to take images directly through the device.  The iPod is the most recognized music playing device around the world. It has a large memory capacity allowing the users to store large amount of music and audio files into the device. Some versions of the device also allow its users to store video files.  The iPad is the most recent device that is manufactured by the company and has a great market value. The device has the size of 9.7 inches which is the size of the textbook. It offers same features as the iPhone excluding the ability to send and receive text messages and phone calls.

Dell is a computer company that manufactures computers and computer related devices. The company usually manufactures these inventories for other business companies and government officials. They specialize in desktop and laptop computers along with other computer devices such as mouse, keyboard, memory storage device, projectors, etc. Their inventories are widely used around the world due to their high speed and diligent performance that provides convenience for the customers.  The high performance of their computers provides the ability for the business to perform the daily technical tasks such as storing important data and information with the usage of high memory storage capacity. With the high technical abilities of the devices, business companies can use them to perform their important tasks such as record ke