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Job Description

The position under review is of General Manager, this is a very critical position in any firm as the responsibility of the position holder is to take care of most of the key accounts. Description and analysis of job both are very much related to each other. Whatever data and information we get from the analysis is required to make the format and objectives of job description. The completeness and perfectness of job description largely depends on the extent of analysis done.

Job Purpose

The company deals with Mobile solutions beyond Value Added services. The position here is for General Manager who looks after Sales, Management, and overall working of the company. The job purpose of the General Manager is to lead the Sales efforts of his/her portion of the account, ensuring sales targets are met, while driving customer satisfaction. Moreover the job profile is also to manage the team of Sales department and Relationship building with key clients.

Reporting Relationships

The position of Manager reports to Senior Manager directly and even other members of senior executives. The other positions which report to Manager are Associate manager, and other executives working under him. But the direct connection of a Manager is with Senior Manager and Associate manager. (UTS. 2012)

Compensation and benefit package

The General Manager is not just looking after the operations of the business, rather he or she does have to manage marketing, accounting, budgeting, human resources and information technology and all those duties and responsibilities that are granted by corporate headquarters. In a conventional Value Added service company a general manager has just to take orders and duties directly from the head of the department. The overall compensation of an executive  who is at such an important position is based on the individual performance and the corporation performance as a whole because he is taking care of almost all the departments in VAS. Thus the variable component of the general manager’s salary is large in percentage and this is in connection to achieving specific components and measurable results that are intending to generate value for the people who are associated with the firm in short term as well as long term. As part of the overall package, the benefits that are provided to a General Manager, which are more or less decided on the same path as it is done for other executives in the company. There is some limited numbers of additional benefits for a General Manager as part of their total compensation packages, because it is important to customize the benefits for a pos